KAIZEN - better 80% instantly 100% never

The former entrepreneur and owner of Völker AG - Heinrich Völker – sees KAIZEN as an opportunity for the health care and social care sectors:
At my former company, I introduced KAIZEN to the above sectors in collaboration with Porsche Consulting. This was not only due to the intention of streamlining and optimizing the existing work processes, but especially to secure the existing production sites in Germany for clinic and care beds with comfort characteristics. From this it developed into a living philosophy.

After a short time, we had set up our own KAIZEN department from our own ranks. Together with the employees of the various divisions, the department has consistently carried out optimization workshops with outstanding successes. Everyone could contribute their ideas and participate in improvements. This led to a high level of employee satisfaction and a sustained acceptance for the implemented optimizations.

Why shouldn’t this approach also work in the care of the elderly or in the overall health care market?

The problems in the health sector are known to all. However, no one seems to think this simple approach to the solution is feasible in terms of the people in need of care and the employees who provide that care. I was quite sure that this approach could sustainably solve various problems.

Don't talk about it- do it! Also a KAIZEN wisdom! We established a dedicated consulting area for care. The fascinating start-up phase began with Ms. Heymann (today MediCrew). To improve the work processes in nursing homes, a concept was developed in accordance with the continuous improvement process, which is likewise used in the automotive industry.

After a short time our customers were convinced. Thanks to the proven workshop system, very good results have been achieved.

More time for care, transparent, structured and stress-reduced daily routines as well as an innovative service planning with integrated absence management,

reduction of bureaucracy costs - to name but a few examples - valuable and, above all, immediate results for the institutions were instantly visible. Not just interest, but great interest was aroused in the methods. Thus, Ms. Heymann was able to expand the area further and received support from other KAIZEN consultants.

Upon my retirement and the sale of my company, Ms Heymann decided to continue this philosophy - and the resulting KAIZEN consulting - to my original model. She is a senior consultant at MediCrew and has now expanded the range of consultations to the clinical and medical-technical sectors. We remain in contact and share new approaches for solutions in professional talks, as well as innovative approaches for implementing improvements. This is a pleasure for me and constantly confirms to me the original idea that KAIZEN is an opportunity for the entire health and social care system.

Heinrich Völker in January 2013